sexta-feira, 8 de julho de 2016

Update: July


     Hey there.
     It's been ages, hasn't it? I'm very sorry about that. I was in the process of moving in May, and wasn't able to get a wi-fi in my new home until the very end of June. It's being an interesting experience, you know? To start living on your own in your late teens when you barely know how to cook anything at all is actually pretty tough, who'd have thought?
     That's not an excuse, though. I haven't been writing, mostly because I didn't feel like doing so. In fact, it didn't even pass through my mind to write. I'm still struggling with those feelings of ignorance I mentioned in earlier posts, and because of that, I usually don't think I have anything special or interesting to share... Which could indicate low self-esteem or negative self-image from my part (look at me, barely a psychologist and already analyzing myself), but I really don't want to get into all that fun stuff. Instead, I'm gonna talk about some of my plans for the near future.
     The alumni, teachers, and other employees in my college campus are currently on strike. That means I'll probably have a lot — like, a lot — of free time on my hands. Which probably means that I'll be writing more on this blog. Maybe. Sometimes... who knows? Anyway, I've been thinking of applying for a student exchange program in Scotland; pretty rad, huh? My TOEFL results will be coming out in mid-July, but even though I think I'll have a very decent score, I don't know if I'll actually be able to write an essay good enough (in english) to make them choose me over the other candidates. I guess part of me also don't really wanna do it...? I mean, it's scary, to live in a completely different country where you don't know anybody and nobody knows you. Case in point, I don't even know if I'm good enough of a student to be able to attend and understand their classes. I guess I'm just too afraid of taking risks and actually trying. I also don't know almost anything about Scotland, the Scottish people, whilst I'm kind-of familiar with american culture and the US in general.
     But I'll have to figure all of that out later, and in the meantime, I think I'll be posting some cool stuff in here. Stuff about adulthood, life... you know, stuff.

See ya later!

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